Earlier this morning, fans were blessed with a brand new trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy. This was the first trailer for the movie to be released and if there is one thing for certain, it's that this movie is going to have a lot of box office success. With LeBron James at the helm and numerous big-time guests taking part, this seems to be one of those movies that will have references that anyone can get into.

As far as LeBron's inclusion in the project, many have already been making memes of the NBA star, while others have offered praise to LeBron for being so ambitious. Some of that praise even came from the likes of Lonzo Ball who played with LeBron in Los Angeles. As Lonzo said, the trailer is looking pretty amazing.

Lonzo knows all about LeBron's film aspirations considering it was a big part of why James came to the Los Angeles Lakers in the first place. LeBron is a man of many talents and it seems like being a leading man is the next big thing on his career bucket list.

While many remain skeptical of the new Space Jam, it is clear that LeBron keeps winning and he will continue to do so for years to come.

LeBron James & Lonzo Ball

Jason Miller/Getty Images