It looks like things may not be too good right now with Lonzo Ball & his longtime girlfriend & baby mama Denise Garcia. After welcoming their first child together back in July, the two appear to be going through a bumpy part in their relationship or so it appears. In a recent IG Live, Denise insinuated that Lonzo was a deadbeat bad, before also making another comment about not seeing Lonzo in another IG live clip.

First, during a recent IG Live, someone wrote “blink if Lonzo is a deadbeat dad.” She read the comment out loud, laughed about it, and then proceeded to purposely blink really hard for the person, while she & her friend laughed. Now its possible they could've been just playing around, but why though?

In addition to that, Denise also made comments and references to not seeing Lonzo much either. In another IG Live, she said she know her friend's favorite song, “Let It Go,” because she “actually comes to see her twice a week,” while winking at the camera and alluding that Lonzo doesn’t. Again it’s possible the internet is trying to reach for clues & storyline here, but all signs & footage seems to point that things aren’t good right now between the two.

Check out the clips of Denise talking bad on Lonzo (below).