Lori Harvey sent everyone into a frenzy when she posted a clip of the T-Pain/Lil Jon Instagram live battle on her Instagram story with a sonogram clearly visible on the TV stand, making everyone assume she was pregnant with Future's child. The latest battle of the hitmakers over IG live occurred on Saturday (April 4th), and it seemed like the whole world had tuned in to watch T-Pain and Lil Jon go up against each other. Ms. Lori Harvey was among the nearly 250K viewers that watched the whole thing go down, and she even got a shoutout from Pain and Jon at one point, when Jon told her he'd pay $1000 for her dad, Steve Harvey, to shave his moustache. Lori documented her viewing party for the battle on her IG story, and one clip in particular had her followers reeling. In a shot showing the battle taking place on the TV screen, a sonogram can be seen on the stand in plain view, leading many to believe that Lori is pregnant.

Considering Lori is dating Future and the two were even rumoured to have gotten married recently, this news would have been wild enough on it's own. However, considering Future has an abundance of different baby mamas already, with two he has yet to claim, Lori's pregnancy would've been enough to break the Internet.

However, it looks like the ultrasound actually belongs to Lori's sister, Morgan Hawthorne (née Harvey), who announced her pregnancy on Instagram back in March. The matching TV stands in Morgan's post and Lori's story determine that Lori was simply over at her sister's place to watch the battle.

While she definitely had some folks actually convinced Future had gotten her pregnant with baby number 7 (8? 9?), others felt she knew exactly what she was doing by leaving the sonogram in the shot, intentionally leading everyone to believe she was pregnant just for attention.