Lori Harvey is speaking out on behalf of her two friends after their consignment shop was looted and damaged during the Atlanta protests following the killing of George Floyd. The shop's co-owner issued the following statement:

"I’m in disbelief. Im sick to my stomach. I still can’t understand what the point in doing this to US was but I PROMISE this will not be the end of @sacdelux_."

The two owners of the shop are women of color. Lori Harvey, a friend of the owners, made her own remarks about Sac De Lux being damaged.

"Atlanta y'all took it too far last night smh," she wrote in a since-deleted Instagram Story. "My heart is so broken for my friends @nikkisworld and @niceybabyy. I know how hard you guys worked to build SacDelux from the ground up (2 young BLACK women) and I can't even imagine the pain of watching it get destroyed like that for absolutely no reason. I'm so sorry this happened to you guys. The looting of @sacdelux_ was absolutely senseless and disgusting. I'm just glad you guys didn't get hurt in the process..."

Lootings have taken place across the country, with Tyler, The Creator's GOLF shop also being damaged in Los Angeles' Fairfax District. He issued a statement saying that his focus remains on the racial inequality in the world.