It doesn't take a brain surgeon to diagnose the Los Angeles Lakers as a dysfunctional bunch. Where does one begin? Their fanbase would love for the greater NBA community to hold their tongue.

But why should they? I can think of at least two outlying reasons why shouldn't. As of this moment, the Lakers have been mathematically eliminated from the NBA playoffs for the 6th consecutive season, and LeBron James didn't seem too pleased to count himself amongst the Nation when he spoke to the media last night.

For starters, the Lakers have only missed the postseason 5 times in the first 65 years of their existence. So, many of the current vexations Laker fans find themselves mired in, don't hold much weight in the grand scheme of things.

The Lakers Nation has enjoyed more than its share of storied runs, thanks to historically-strong management, and the Buss' ownership team, who loves basketball with the bottom of their hearts, daughter, father, everyone combined.

Secondly, a love for the game should be a colorless thing, let alone purple and gold. Had the Los Angeles built their farmhouse from the ground-up, we might not be having this discussion at all.

In 2018-2019, we've learned a few things about LeBron James' character that certainly contributed to the team's malaise. That doesn't mean LeBron James isn't a kind individual or a thoughtful teammate, but it stands to reason that he wasn't "the right guy" for this Lakers' project.

31-41 with about 10 games left on the schedule, the Lakers are worse than they were last season, without LeBron James. So without much trepidation, the team must plan ahead, the players hobbling on one-year contracts must do the same. Lakers' fans are not to blame, but to any one of them who every played dynasty card on a discussion forum, better keep that energy close to the chest comes golf season. Sometimes the juggernauts do go soft.