Lou Williams got to spend a lot of time with the Los Angeles Clippers and during his tenure with the franchise, he was beloved by many of his teammates, and the fanbase itself. The Clippers were a natural extension of Williams' being and it felt like he was going to be a part of the team until the end of his career. That all changed at last year's trade deadline when Williams was dealt to the Atlanta Hawks for Rajon Rondo. 

Williams has been open about this deal and how it almost caused him to retire on the spot. While Williams enjoys Atlanta now, there is no denying that he still has unresolved feelings about the Clippers. In a new interview with Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report, Williams spoke about leaving the Clippers and how at the end of it all, he felt disrespected by the timing of the deal.

Lou Williams

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

“I just ain’t like how it went down. That’s all,” Williams said. “You had three months to trade me, and you wait till 15 minutes before the deadline, I just wasn’t feeling it. I felt like I deserved a little more respect than that.”

Now, Williams is thinking of retiring at the end of the year as he has been in the league for quite a while now. It remains to be seen if he will follow through on this decision, although at this point, you can't deny that he's had a great career in the NBA.