Love is Blind creator Chris Coelen spoke with Vanity Fair, earlier this week, and explained how season two will differ from season one. 

Love Is Blind, Netflix, Season TwoLiliane Lathan / Getty Images

“The age demographic that was in the first season– mid-twenties to mid-thirties – there was no magic to that,” Coelen said.

“The whole point of the show is to determine whether any of the surface factors matter... and age is one of those surface factors, so we’d certainly be open to older... but I don’t think we would go much younger. Because I think you actually would want to go with people who are interested in a real lifetime commitment.”

The next season will be changing locations as well. Originally set in Atlanta, Georgia, the show will now move to Chicago, Illinois.

Many elements from season one, such as the pods and number of contestants, will remain the same.

With production for season two being put on hold for the Coronavirus outbreak, no timeline is set for its release. Season two of Love is Blind was originally scheduled to premiere in 2021. The show has also been renewed by Netflix for a third season.

Casting for season two is already underway.