Christopher Brian Bridges, AKA Ludacris, has fathered a baby girl with a woman named Tamika Fuller while on a break from longterm lady friend Eudoxie - Cai Bella Bridges was born on December 9th. As per TMZ, it seems Luda is aiming to legally establish his paternity so as to set a child support limit right off the bat.

According to Forbes, Ludacris' net work is estimated at $12 million, and he's currently earning approximately $25,842.41 a month. Under current Georgia law, his monthly child support payments would total $1,754.66.

That's all for now, folks. Hopefully this works out for the the three of them. 

[Update: Luda Extorted For Car]

According to TMZ, Tamika Fuller was threatening to go public with the news of her child with Ludacris-- unless the rapper bought her a new car that is. 

Docs indicate that Luda had requested a gag order from a judge back in September. He stated that he'd like to keep the child support case under wraps, as he is "a major celebrity of great notoriety."  

He also revealed that Tamika was asking for a new car and $7,500 to remain quiet about the baby.

Unfortunately the judge rejected the request, and while we'll never know if Tamika's wishes were granted, the information is now in the public eye.