Gone are the melancholic piano arpeggios, cinematic synth strings, and pulsating percussion. Instead, Lupe's backdrop is the gentle whispers of windswept reeds and distant traffic. Still, Lupe's prowess is evident, as the veteran rapper delivers an intimate rendition of DROGAS WAVE's "Mural II." The performance arrives as part of VEVO's ongoing series, which has already yielded performances from 6LACK and more. Lupe's is made all the more impressive given the track's length, though the lyricist proves more than up to the challenge.

Taking to the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg Bridge, Lupe goes off, proving that he belongs to the school where memorizing one's lyrics is a way of life. It's interesting that Lupe selected to highlight his album closer, adding further emphasis to the track's thematic importance in the greater DROGAS WAVE narrative. Peep the full video below.