Lupe Fiasco is planning to drop three albums this year, DROGASSkulls, and Roy, released in that order. About a week ago, Lupe shared some potential DROGAS cover art, and today, he's confirmed that not only will Roy will be his last release of the year -- he says the project will be the final album of his career. Of course, this is Lupe we're talking about, and he made a similar statement 5 years ago, before the release of Lasers

If he sticks to his word, though, then Lupe will not, as he recently suggested, deliver a sequel to his 2007 album The Cool. In December, Lupe revealed he was working on The Cool 2, though he told his fans it wouldn't be ready until "winter 2017." 

"Roy will be my last album. LUPend," Lupe tweeted today. LUPend also happened to be the original title of Lasers

In addition to the news that he's planning to hang up the mic after 2016, Lupe shared some potential inspiration behind Roy, as he posted a picture of a character of the same name from the 1982 film "Blade Runner." In the movie, Roy is a super-genius replicant who serves as the film's primary antagonist, but, in the end, emerges as something of a tragic hero. Yesterday, January 8, 2016, was Roy's official "incept date." 

First question: Is Lupe really gonna come through with three albums this year? And finally, will Roy really be his last album ever?