Bad news for anyone that was looking forward to MacLib: there are no official plans for the project's release. 

A few weeks ago, Thelonious Martin revealed that Mac Miller and Madlib recorded a joint project called MacLib before the rapper's death in September. Hip-hop heads rejoiced at the sound of a joint project between Mac Miller and MadLib. Madlib's website Rappcats posted a statement earlier today confirming the project exists but there are no actual plans to release it any time soon.

The statement recalled how Mac Miller and Madlib initially connected. After Mac recorded his verse on Freddie Gibbs and Madlib's title track off of Pinata, Madlib started sending Mac batches of beats which Mac would send back. Without any notice, Madlib would include these songs in his festival set. Mac was ecstatic that Madlib spun some of the tracks and texted Madlib's team:  My homie sent me a video of one of the joints me and Madlib did that he was spinning... Made me happy.”

The two ended up creating an EP's worth of music together which was supposed to be the beginning of more collaborations. The name MacLib became the title after the project from the metadata from a song Mac sent back to Madlib.

"And that name, MacLib? Like Jaylib, it was just in the metadata of one of the files he sent over. “MacLib – Number 4” it read. The song still doesn’t have an official title, and there are no official plans to release the EP," the statement reads.

Over the weekend, Madlib debuted some unreleased music with Mac Miller during his set in San Diego.