Mac Miller's influence was unfortunately brought to light in his passing. The response to his passing has been overwhelming, as fans and fellow artists express their appreciation for the young rapper. A show in his memory will be held this Thursday, October 30. John Mayer & Thundercat are set to play during the Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life event, this Wednesday. The pair linked up ahead of the show to jam and talk about their connection with the deceased.

Thundercat, who was the closest to Mac out of the two, is still affected by his passing. 

"Personally, it's been up and down. Naturally, as it would be, I guess. Sometimes it's a bit overwhelming, the response to people being able to see who mac miller was. I'm happy he actually affected people like that. That was he was. It's not what he was going for, it was what he was."

 John Mayer admits he didn't know Mac as much as Thunder cat did, but feels like he was "incredible guy." He follows up on a lighter note, based on his experiences texting with Miller, who was "creatively so cooperative." Mayer praises Mac's "stunning ability to laugh and take your idea and work off of it."     

Check out their jam below.