Your Old Droog made quite a splash with the release of his self-titled EP earlier this year. The rapper's well-crafted style of underground rap was enough to garner some attention, but the uncanny resemblance to Nas' voice was what got people really talking. While some instantly brought out the conspiracy theory that Droog was actually an undercover Nas, it was quickly debunked, but the rapper remains fairly mysterious (he is most definitely a white dude, though).

It seems Mac Miller, a rapper also known for manipulating his voice, was pretty taken with the project as well. In fact, he revealed in a recent MTV interview that the two have a record together. “You know who I fuck with is that Your Old Droog," he said. "Droog is tight. Did you hear the shit I did with him? The world don’t need to know nothing. The world never knows anything.”

No word on when or where the collab will appear, but you can bet that it will be something special.

Watch the interview/heated Connect 4 match below.