Mac Miller's hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania will be holding a vigil in his honor, Tuesday at 7pm. The memorial will spawn on the grounds of Blue Slide Park, a public space he named his debut album after, which itself is but a portion of Pittsburgh's sprawling Frick Park. On said album, Miller rapped about his childhood experiences in the park. The park setting never lost its significance to Miller, who then repurposed the locale as a 420 buffer zone in his early teens.

Fans have already started adorning the site with flowers and tokens in his honor, the jungle gym becoming a drapery of Mac Miller beach blankets and paraphernalia. "I like that he incorporated Pittsburgh so much into it,” said a fan interviewed by CBS News. “I grew up in Blue Slide Park, like this was my favorite childhood park, and listening to it brings back those childhood memories."

"We were just in his dorm, and we just all needed to come here," said Morgan Schneider, another fan who spoke with CBS News field reporters "I was like, we need to go to Blue Slide Park right now." It's only fitting that Mac Miller's memorandum cycles back to his hometown quarters. Pittsburgh's distinct working class culture had a profound effect on the man he soon became.