Juice WRLD went from nothing at all to one of the hottest up-and-coming artists in the world. With "Lucid Dreams" still performing well on the Billboard charts, Juice is clearly one of the breakout stars of 2018. Goodbye & Good Riddance was a solid project, giving people a taste of what we can expect from the Chicagoan in his career. While we've witnessed the introduction of a few stars this year, we've also been forced to say goodbye to some. Most recently, Mac Miller's passing left a blank space in many of our hearts.  With his most recent album, Swimming, still so close in our memories, we are left wondering how the ever-evolving artist would have switched up his vibe on the next project. Unfortunately, we may never know but according to Cole Bennett, he had spoken to Mac about his wish to collaborate with Juice WRLD.

Juice spoke about Mac in a new interview with No Jumper's Adam22, referring to him as a legend. Miller may not have publicly stated his interest in working with Juice but he was notably reserved over the last year. Bennett, the famed videographer, said that his intention to make music with Juice was one of the final things he ever told him, noting that it may still happen. Of course, Mac was in the studio a lot and has some verses that have gone unreleased. If his estate agrees to any posthumous releases, we may be hearing a collaboration between the two. Bennett tweeted, "gotta make it happen," keeping the hope alive.

While it would have been nicer if the circumstances were different, is this a collaboration you would be interested in hearing?