According to the majority of hip-hop fans, Machine Gun Kelly walked away from his Eminem feud with the loss. However, he's definitely winning in life today, flexing his relationship with Megan Fox all over social media.

For the last little while, Machine Gun Kelly has been showing his followers just how much love he has for the stunning actress, who he has been dating for several weeks. Fox recently separated from her husband Brian Austin Green and, almost instantly afterward, she landed in the arms of the rock star. 

Sharing a new picture on her Instagram and turning off comments, Megan Fox reciprocated the love with MGK.

"Achingly Beautiful Boy... My heart is yours," she wrote as her caption. In the photo, the couple covers their lower half with towels following a joint shower. The thirst trap isn't the first time we've seen them flaunt their relationship in limited clothing. As they were still rumored to be an item, Megan popped up in MGK's music video for "Bloody Valentine," rocking a towel in behind-the-scenes footage.

Do you think that Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox will turn out to last a long time or is this just another fling for the rapper, who is notorious for his short-term relationships with actresses and models?