Machine Gun Kelly Delivers "Golden God" Visuals

Mitch Findlay
November 01, 2017 13:45

Machine Gun Kelly gets his gold on.

In the new video for bloom. single "Golden God," Machine Gun Kelly sets things off with a reminder of how consistently lit his lifestyle is. He wakes up in a penthouse, as one of his homies informs him that a pool party is going down, and their presence will be required. The rapper proceeds to don himself in a golden robe worthy of the wrestler Golddust and get to work on a six course breakfast, before hitting up a quick stop at the strip club. All in a day's work for the Cleveland rapper. And yet, MGK never actually makes it to the pool party. 

That doesn't mean there aren't any thong-clad ladies to be found. There are plenty of those, and Kelly seems to enjoy spitting bars while surrounding by gyrating asses. The rapper also comes through with a massive bag of weed, holding the sack to his face like a money-phone. Overall, his hedonistic lifestyle seems to be working for him, and "Golden God's" video goes as hard as the instrumental. After all, this track was a clear bloom. highlight, and reminding the skeptics that MGK can actually spit, when he's not exploring a more crossover-pop direction.

Insofar as music videos go, "Golden God" is hardly breaking new ground. Every hip-hop staple seems to be in effect, barring an expensive foreign whip, and while the clip fails to capitalize on the promised "pool party" narrative, it remains an enjoyable and mindless watch nevertheless. If you haven't already checked out MGK's latest project, you can go so by clicking the link above. As stated, not every song goes as hard as "Golden God," but there are definitely moments where MGK puts the acoustic guitar down and truly spazzes out. 

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