Machine Gun Kelly teamed with GQ for the publication's reoccurring segment that sees celebrities go undercover on social media and respond to the many questions and concerns had by fans. In the video below, you can see MGK logging into Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter and more to share his perspective on some of the lingering statements about him online. 

Presley Ann/Getty Images

At just under two-minutes, MGK confirms from his Wikipedia page that he did in fact work at Chipolte before his come up and would give away free chicken upgrades all the time. However, there was one part of his job he hated and Lil Wayne's "Mrs. Officer" will always remind him of it to this day. "I look back on those days fondly if I never have to smell hot steaming sour cream," he explained, detailing how he had to wash dishes and clear sour cream off trays with hot water. "Mrs. Officer by Lil Wayne was always playing on the radio so I'll never forget being like....Every time I hear that song I smell sour cream, it's gross."

Elsewhere in the clip, MGK reveals that he has a song completed with Lana Del Rey and even has some nice BTS shots to go with it. "I'll put it out," he said. 

Watch in full below.