As protests rage on, people continue to weigh in on the hot topic of police brutality. Disgruntled citizens have taken to the streets of their cities in protest, including Minneapolis where 46-year-old George Floyd was recently murdered by four police officers. The filmed incident has circulated heavily throughout social media platforms, and we've seen riots and looting. As some have exercised their right to protest, others have used the opportunity as an excuse to react with force, causing the conversation to shift from acts of violence by the authorities to residents damaging property. Rapper Machine Gun Kelly has added his thoughts to the conversation by sending out a tweet about dismantling the system.

"F*ck the Boyz 🚔🖕🏼," Machine Gun Kelly began. "F*ck white privilege. i’m ashamed someone who looks like me could treat another human like this, but they been doing it since the beginning of time. our generation has be the one’s to stop it my loyalty’s with the people f*ck the system fight the system." The rapper shares a daughter with his ex-girlfriend, a black woman named Emma Cannon, and he's always maintained himself to be an ally as it pertains to injustices against marginalized peoples. Check out his tweet below.