There hasn't been much news about Machine Gun Kelly since he was involved in a feud against Eminem. It's pretty much agreed on that he took an L in the beef. Despite "Rap Devil" actually being good, it probably just wasn't a good idea to get on Em's bad side. Binge did extremely low sales numbers and things are back to normal where nobody is really checking for much news about MGK. Last week, he prepared himself for his looming baldness as he's set to take on a new role in an upcoming film. He decided to film the process as he shared a clip of himself getting his platinum blond locks shaved off.

MGK has still been capitalizing on the heat he got from the Marshall feud. A few weeks ago, he was even selling devil horns... He seems to be moving on to new directions though, continuing to rise as an actor as he shaves his head for an upcoming role. Unfortunately, we don't get to see him with absolutely no hair. The video doesn't extend that far. He does have a look of extreme regret on his face as the barber does his job, though. Maybe he's having second thoughts about accepting the job.

He later shared a photo of the end result and it turns out he kept some of his hair. The sides were buzzed but he may be saving the rest for a later date. You feeling the new look?