A few weeks ago, we published a feature stating that we needed one more comeback effort from Eminem. While he likely did not read our story, the stars definitely aligned as the "Rap God" came through with his surprise album Kamikaze last week. Redeeming himself from what some would call a failed attempt on Revival, the new album marks the return of vintage Slim Shady. In doing so, he called out pretty much everybody you can think of. The only target that has since responded on wax has been Machine Gun Kelly, an artist that previously looked to Em as an idol but that he now considers his rival.

Yesterday, MGK shocked the world by releasing his "Rap Devil" diss track, going in on Eminem's age and once again bringing up his daughter Hailie. As we wait to see if Marshall will respond to the Cleveland rapper, Kellz is busy explaining why exactly he chose to battle the behemoth. Yesterday, the artist said he was defending his "generation" in his reply and now, he's subliminally uploading clips from the movie Troy to do the talking for him. 

Kelly added a video from the film of Brad Pitt responding to a child saying that the man he was fighting is "the biggest man he'd ever seen" and stating he would never personally go up against him. Pitt responds with a simple "That's why no one will remember your name" before zooming off on a horse. In this situation, MGK is Brad Pitt, obviously.

As we all wait patiently to hear from Eminem, reactions keep coming in. Do you expect to hear from Em at all?