Machine Gun Kelly's "LATELY" Is A Cold Snub To You Know Who

Devin Ch
September 21, 2018 10:30

MGK delivers the "LATELY" video from his new EP.

Machine Gun Kelly may have bungled the timing of his new EP, by virtue of going toe-to-toe with an ageless wonder. MGK's response to the overwhelming support Eminem has received in their rap feud is to look the other way and double down on his nicotine addiction. The "LATELY" video stripped from his Binge EP follows the path he forged before Eminem entered the picture.

In a way, he's telling Eminem and the rest of the World, got all the milk he needed out of the media circus that ensued. Now it's time to bolster his brand with all the attention the rap feud garnered. You get a sense that Eminem is fuming at the idea that his rap gymnastic set won't be put to use unless MGK responds (again). "LATELY" is further indication that he won't respond, and on some level, acceptance that he suffered a "well-conceived" loss.

Tell us what you think of MGK's "LATELY" and how it shapes of his relationship with Em, and his career in general?

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