It feels like Casie, Machine Gun Kelly's daughter, was just a toddler the other day. However, she's nearly a teenager now and, much like the rest of us, MGK is wondering where the time went.

People aren't lying when they say that life is short and we should cherish the small things as they come to us. Machine Gun Kelly has been raising his daughter for the entirety of the last decade and he's busy thinking about how quickly that time passed by, looking at how big his baby girl is getting and cringing at the thought of what's to come in her life. Dating, university, moving out... MGK doesn't seem to be down for any of it. In fact, he wants time to just stop right now.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Sharing a picture with his daughter, Kelly took his energy away from his love-of-the-moment Megan Fox and shared a funny message for Casie.

"Stop growing up so fast wtf," he wrote on Instagram.

Casie is approximately 12-years-old and, for years, she has popped up now and again on Machine Gun's page. She's getting pretty big, nearly reaching her father's shoulders in height.

Take a look at the photo in question below.