Tupac Shakur had a relationship with Madonna years before his death as the two dated three years before his murder. Last year, a letter written by the rapper was discovered and chunks of it were redacted online, where we learned that the reason for their break-up had to do with race. Weeks after the letter was published, Madonna filed an emergency court order to have the extremely personal handwritten note pulled from an auction that was selling it. The piece of Pac memorabilia was up for auction as the letter had somehow made its way into the hands of one of Madonna's friends, who tried to sell it.

The letter, written from jail, is very personal to Madonna as it touches on the reason for the pair's break-up, but it appears as though she may need to let it go this time around. The pop star signed a release stating that she could not sue over the sale of the letter, nullifying her lawsuit, which resulted in her losing the case. The friend that reportedly had hold of the letter was Madonna's old art consultant, Darlene Lutz and, though the singer claims she had no clue it was in her pal's possession, the signed agreement from 15 years ago was enough for her to lose the case.

If you would like to read the document, parts of it are available here where Pac explains the reason for their break-up and urges her to be careful with people taking advantage of her.