Madonna is one of those celebrities that is known, as her fame wanes, for coming out of the woodwork every now and then to say something a little out of touch, or to appropriate a look or way of speaking of another culture in a naïve way that's hard to really get all that mad at. Like her recent Instagram video which she hashtags "ganggang" and says "these are my bitches, are you in my gang?" Harmless, yes, but unsettling; she's the dabbing soccer mom (she also has a strange disdain for the music whose culture she takes from).

Yesterday, though, she's taken a break from being out of touch to post a touching Instagram photo of her family all together sharing Thanksgiving in Malawi. Madonna, unlike 50 Cent, had something nice to be thankful for on the day: "What I am Most THANKFUL for! My Children have led me down roads and opened doors I never imagined I’d walk through.♥️ Fame , Fortune and Records Broken could never equal that which I treasure and value most." She also shared a video today of her daughter Mercy James doing a pretty good rendition of a Chopin classic, saying "Spend Black Friday 🖤 with Chopin." Not a bad idea.