An interview that Maino gave earlier this month is making the rounds due to the rapper's remarks about segregation. At the top of June, Maino sat down with DJ Suss One for Taste Radio 1 to speak about police brutality, George Floyd, the protests, and related topics. Maino has recently released his song "I Can't Breathe" and weighed in on the racial tensions arising nationwide, and during the discussion, Maino admitted that when it comes down to it, he's just fine with the concept of segregation.

Maino, Segregation, Interview
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

In the viral clip, Maino says he wants to be surrounded by people who support him. "My n*gga, I'm cool with segregation," Maino said. "I wanna love who love me, bro. And I hate who hate me. I'm not kissing ass—see, that's part of the problem. We're sitting here kissing and begging to be apart of people that don't want to give a f*ck about us, when we should be getting ourselves together."

"What makes the Jewish community strong, and even the Asian community, is economically they empower each other and they empower they communities," Maino continued. "We still economically in a hole, okay, so we don't have no power. We have buying power, but we don't even use that right. We still kissing ass to the 'Oh, let's all love one another, the human race.' We can't get to that if you got hate in your heart, bro. You tellin' me you love a n*gga that hate you? I hate a n*gga that hate me." Watch Maino's interview in full below and let us know if you agree or disagree with his remarks.