Malia Obama is currently in her second year at Harvard University and like any university student, finds time to participate in extracurricular activities. One of her latest forays sees her appearing in a music video for a song titled "Walking On Air" by a band named North Dakota. 

The music video's story depicts a band holding auditions to replace a former member. Malia, who turned 20 this July, makes a brief appearance as an auditionee. Dressed comfortably in a black beanie and patterned sweater, Malia rocks the mic and undoubtedly sets the room alight with a passionate, fictional harmonica solo. 

Malia's second year at Harvard comes after she had chosen to take a gap year. She used the time off to work as an intern and to travel. While her internships quickly became public knowledge, the former first-daughter took a little-known trip to a Bolivian town named Tiquipaya where she lived with a local family. One source told the New York Times that, "she was very humble, chatty, spoke Spanish very well." Despite worrying for their daughters' well being, Malia's parents could not be happier to see them thrive. Back in 2017, Michelle Obama told Entertainment Tonight, "I'm going to be happy to see them thriving on campus, work study jobs, traveling and having all these wonderful independent experiences that are going to make them phenomenal people."

Catch Malia's cameos in the video below at 1:40 and 2:00.