Kanye West has been stirring up all kinds of controversy this past week after he tweeted out his endorsement of political commentator Candace Owens over the weekend and then told Ebro Darden that he "loves Donald Trump.” Despite all his questionable comments, Kanye has yet to clear things up publicly, but it appears he might be doing so this Friday.

According to G.O.O.D. Music affiliate Malik Yusef, Kanye will be addressing "any and all concerns about this recent set of events thru the lens of selfhood" on Friday. Yusef said this as a response to a fan telling him Kanye needs to address the Trump comments. “Tell him he needs to get on here and address this pro Trump shit so I can get my fucking blood pressure together," the fan told Malik referring to Kanye.

Unfortunately, Malik didn't clarify exactly how these concerns will be addressed, if Kanye's going to jump on Twitter again or hopefully sit down for a video interview, but he says we’ll know more by end of the week. Some fans have a wild theory that Kanye is dropping new music this Friday and will address his comments there, but that’s just speculation & wishful thinking at this time.

In addition, Malik says he spoke with Kanye on the phone, and that he’s in a “G.O.O.D.” mental space, just as Charlamagne Tha God said as well.

Check out Malik’s tweets (below) and keep it locked for further updates and/or hopefully music.