It is a sad day when you realize you're too old for trick-or-treating, when you show up at a stranger's door and they treat you like what you are: a stranger in a costume asking for candy. A Dublin(Georgia not Ireland) man named Omegus Coverson has taken a stand against the traditional ageism of halloween by producing candy in a more adult form: methamphetamine pills.

Coverson, who was arrested Friday, was in possession of pills that looked like "SweeTarts candies or Flintstones's vitamins," according to the Dublin chief of police, Tim Chatman. Coverson has since been released. 

The cops, worried that kids might end up with an unexpected surprise while out trick-or-treating tonight, posted to the town of Dublin's Facebook page warning residents about the danger that their kids may face, writing" make sure you check your children's candy and report any suspicious item to Dublin Police," followed by "#stayaware."

Many commenters were skeptical of the warning, wondering if this was a real danger. One commenter on the post said: "police have never documented actual cases of people randomly distributing poisoned goodies to children on Halloween," citing an article on Other comments were worried that the post, made by an official police department, would contribute to newsmedia's fearmongering tendencies.