Netflix continues on their path to entertainment domination. The streaming giant has been teasing the release of Maniac for months now, and a new trailer for the series has appeared online. Maniac stars Emma Stone and Jonah Hill as two patients who elect to join an experimental procedure that promises to rid them of their mental health issues. Things go awry though, and the first trailer for the series displayed some type of trippy time-loop fantasy where Hill and Stone are dependent on each other. Now, a new trailer takes a closer look at the procedure itself.  

Justin Theroux plays Dr. James K. Mantleray in Maniac, and the good doctor is front and center in the new trailer. Fashioned after an old-school infomercial, the trailer finds Dr. Mantleray alongside Dr. Robert Muramoto and Dr. Fujita. The trio are the leaders of Neberdine Pharmaceutical Biotech, a company that has created a life-changing pill called the U.L.P. "You do not have to be lost in the cold, dark void,” says Dr. Muramoto after Dr. Mantleray tells views that the U.L.P. can solve "Anxiety, PTSD, Body Dysmorphia, Hypo-Active Sexual Desire, 'It doesn't matter.'" Dr. Fujita appears for brief moments to awkwardly echo her co-workers' statements. Check out the new trailer below and catch Maniac when it touches down this Friday.