Rumors of a Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef have long lingered in the greater hip-hop narrative. Despite Drizzy giving Kendrick ample room to shine on his "Buried Alive (Interlude), for whatever reason, the pair never seemed to continue expanding on their relationship. In place of budding companionship came an exchanged volley of subliminal shots, which seemingly popped off after Kendrick mentioned Drake's name On "Control." From that moment, it seemed as if a competitive sense of animosity began brewing between the parties, who continued to fire mild jabs across the years; Kendrick's "Pay For It" was met by Drake's "Used To," and so on.

Recall that in 2016, former NFL player Marcellus Wiley claimed their beef "nearly escalated to 50 Cent & Ja Rule proportions," over an unaired interview on ESPN. "It was one-sided, and the other side was about to retaliate if that would’ve got out, but they destroyed the evidence. And I ain’t lying," said Wiley, at the time. Now, Wiley has once again revisited the subject, and promises he'll be going into further detail in his upcoming memoir.

During an interview with Power 106, Wiley spoke on the lost interview. "There's a beef that's out there that never got settled, never got the proper characters and the proper assessment but I was witness to it on one of my shows," he reveals, alluding to Drake and Kendrick. "I was on Sports Nation at the time, and we taped an interview with one of the people and that one person went in on the other person. We were ready to let this go, but then that one person's team made sure that didn't get out."

He also vows the truth will come out in his upcoming book Never Shut Up, which drops October 23rd. "The footage is somewhere [at] ESPN's studios where I used to work, so if y'all wanna go get that," he teases. "So that's out there and I'mma put that in the book. I finally get the names and I finally say who did what, a lot of people have been asking about that."

One has to wonder if recently unearthed information from the past can ultimately ruffle feathers in the present. We'll have to wait and see.