Mariah Carey has become the latest celebrity name to be dragged through the tabloid headlines because of a sexual assault allegation.

According to TMZ, the "We Belong Together" singer is being accused of harassment against her former head of security, Michael Anello, who worked for the diva from June of 2015 until May of this year. According to a draft lawsuit, Anello says that Carey committed “sexual acts with the intent that they be viewed by [him].” Further to that, Anello is alleging that Carey described him and some of his colleagues as White Supremacists, alternatively calling him a "Nazi, a skinhead [and] a KKK member." Carey also supposedly said that she “wanted to be surrounded with black guys, not white people.”

In addition to all this, Anello describes an incident in the lawsuit that took place during a trip to Cabo San Lucas. During this time, the singer insisted at one point that Anello come up to her room to move some luggage. Apparently, she was wearing a see-through negligee and had purposely left it open. Anello says he attempted to leave, but she forced him to move the luggage in question. Thankfully for him, he managed to extract himself from the situation without having to come into physical contact with her. Anello also claims that Carey still owes him payments totaling $731,329.51. Talk about a steep price to pay for this information becoming public.

As per the report, Carey's team had no knowledge of the sexual harassment claim, but say they were in touch with Anello's attorney and have agreed to pay at least some of the bills he says that they owe him. He allegedly wasn't happy with the amount they came back with and the lawsuit is currently on hold, presumably so the two parties can work out a settlement deal. Carey herself has not responded to multiple requests for comment from TMZ and other media outlets.

This isn't the first time that Carey has been accused of skipping out on paying invoices that they owes contracted help. A choir group had decided to take action not long ago against the singer after she skipped out on showing them the money for work they claim had been completed.