Mariah Carey took some time to throw some subtle shade at The Grammys and the Recording Academy in a recent Tweet. Earlier this week, Mariah Carey posted a video of her daughter attempting to jokingly perform the #highnotechallenge which revealed that is none other than the "A No No" singer behind her daughter's impressive performance. With the clip going viral, one Tweeter responded to the video writing, "Mariah Carey is always dressed like she’s accepting a Grammy and I love it,” which prompted Carey to get in Twitter fingers mode and take shots at music industry gatekeepers. 

Mariah Carey took her Twitter account to respond to the popular response Quote Tweeting it with a shrewd response, writing: "If only they felt the same way lol." As of today, Mariah Carey is a five-time Grammy Award winner and 33-time Grammy nominee. 2006 was her most successful year as a Grammy-nominated artist, as she nominated for a total of eight Grammy's including Album of the Year for The Emancipation of Mimi (2005) and Song of The Year and Record of The Year for "We Belong Together." That year she won honors for Best R&B Song, Best Female R&B Vocal Performance, and Best Contemporary R&B Album of The Year.

This isn't the first time that Mariah Carey has thrown shade at the Recording Academy. In a 2018 interview with V Magazine, Mariah Carey discussed her disdain for the Grammys stating:

"In the music business, if you care about the Grammys and submitting your stuff before a certain time frame, you want a single out in the summer, and then you want to have your record [out] before the Grammys (consideration) deadline, which has changed. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn." 

She then went to claim that the Recording Academy didn't want to be biassed towards popular artists during the beginning stages of her career as she continued:

"I mean, I have five Grammys. That’s cute. There (are) people that have been doing this half the time that have twice as many (Grammys). I won two Grammys the first year I started, but after that, (the Grammys) are like, ‘We don’t go with the people that are selling a lot of records and are popular; we’re gonna go the opposite way.’ So I got screwed out of certain years. I wasn’t bitter about it. I was just like, okay, well, I guess I’m not standing here barefoot onstage singing and trying to go a certain way. I’m just me."

While Mariah Carey might not be receiving as many accolades from the Grammys as she would like there are still many committees and boards that are singing her praises. The 49-year-old legendary songstress is one of this year's Songwriter Hall of Fame inductees, she's the first modern-day artist to have four number-one singles across four decades, she's been immortalized with one of the most popular holiday songs of all-time, and currently has one of better Las Vegas residency shows on The Strip

Check out Mariah Carey's cryptic shot at the Grammys in the Tweet provided below.