The latest craze to have taken social media by storm this year is the Bottle Cap Challenge, which sees competitors vying to remove the cap from a bottle in the most creative way possible. So far, we've seen Swae Lee complete the challenge with Justin Bieber entering his own submission overnight by calling out Tom Cruise a second time. The winner of the fight has already been crowned though and the Queen is no other than Mariah Carey.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Sharing her own Bottle Cap Challenge video this weekend, Mariah Carey turned on diva mode when she decided that she would remove the cap from its bottle using the sheer force of her vocals. Unlike her counterparts, Mimi did not kick the cap loose. Instead, she used her powerful, vibrant voice to remove the seal from a bottle of champagne, leaving her entire audience stunned and astounded. How can one woman have such a strong range that she can literally get a bottle cap out of its bottle using only her vocal cords? The mere thought of that is insane.

Mariah Carey is a generational talent and she's somebody that isn't celebrated nearly enough. Watch her video below and let us know if you think anybody can top her submission to the challenge.