Mariah Carey just dropped her 15th studio album entitled Caution. The singer has begun to promote the release with stellar televised performances. After stunning audiences with "Distance" with Ty Dolla $ign on The Late Show, the diva returned to daytime television. She performed "With You" on Good Morning America.

The minimal setup pushed her vocal ability and stage presence to the forefront. 

The host asked her about her children's potential careers in the entertainment industry. The twins accompany their mother as she travels around performing around the world. According to the Carey, they had enjoyed being brought onstage to sing by her side.

"If they want to do that, I'll be happy for them. And whatever they want to do, I'll be supportive."

She also commented on the unexpected success of her 2011 Glitter album. The project failed to meet expectations and resulted in her being dropped from her label and losing a deal valued at $100 million. Mariah attributed the album's comeback to the "justice for Glitter" hashtag, initiated by her fan army who were most likely clamoring for the artist to give in and start performing those particular songs onstage.

"Those are my fans[...]I really never perform those songs cause it almost ruined my life[...]But it's actually a good album. I can say it, now that it's number 1."