Both editions of the Love & Hip Hop New York reunion were full of "WTF?" moments, many of which, surprisingly, involved longtime cast member Rich Dollaz. Although he's been an active, and quite dramatic, addition to the reality show in previous seasons, this time around he opted to fly under the radar and kept his cool. However, something triggered when reunion cameras were rolling, causing Rich to become the center of the drama.

Before he was leaping over tables in an attempt to snatch Safaraee Samuels' neck, Rich was confronted by MariahLynn as she poured her heart out to him in front of the entire world. No one, not even their fellow cast members, knew that Rich and MariahLynn had a longterm on-again-off-again relationship that spanned eight years, but she was tired of feeling like his secret love affair and aired out all of their business in the most awkward of fashions. We all learned about Rich's vasectomy, their plans on having children, and their undying love for one another, but the conversation proved too much for Rich to handle so he stormed offstage.

MariahLynn caught up with VH1 and defended her relationship with her LHHNY co-star by saying that she spent the night with him after the reunion taping (February 13) and they've been together ever since. "I’m a woman and we tend to deal with feelings and emotions more than pride, which is what I feel like men tend to deal with," she said. "After going upstairs I did see him go and address it and clarify that he does love me to death and his intentions weren’t to embarrass me, he was just a little taken back by what I was saying. I think I was speaking out of emotion and feeling like I was being attacked by other cast members who have absolutely no idea what Rich and I have been through throughout our journey."

MariahLynn also says that she "absolutely" wants to have children with Rich and their connection is much deeper than "just dating." "Rich and I are together, obviously," she said. "Hence the picture he posted the other day supporting my music. I also posted him as well. I think we’re at a point where, like I said, we were back and forth and me dating people, him dating people. Now it’s all about communication and coming to a common ground."