Love & Hip Hop Miami personality is accused of being creepy after he offered to share a private video of himself with another VH1 reality star. Some celebrities have taken to creating OnlyFans accounts in order to bring in an extra bit of income, and it's proving to be lucrative for many. Prince, a club promoter-turned-music artist from Love & Hip Hop Miami, found himself under fire on Wednesday (May 13) after he sent out a tweet saying he would post a video of himself with Mariahlynn from Love & Hip Hop New York to his OnlyFans account.

"I'm gonna spoke this sh*t up !" Prince tweeted to his followers. "5k subscribers & I DROP THE VIDEO with Mariahlynn on OnlyFans . LETS GO !!" Prince even shared a clip of his video that showed Mariahlynn sleeping on his bare chest. The Neighborhood Talk posted the tweet to their Instagram page and a popular reality TV account questioned whether or not Mariahlynn knew about being recorded. She responded.

"No I didn't butThis is an old video of me laying on his chest doesn't bother me just give me my 50% cut," she commented, adding a cat-faced laughing emoji at the end. The public's response to Prince's video was swift because people claimed that he was insinuating there was some sort of sexual encounter caught on tape. Check out his tweet below.