Mario Judah became one of the most exciting young artists in hip-hop fairly quickly, releasing his viral sensation "Die Very Rough" and mimicking Playboi Carti's entire style to entice the rapper to finally release his long-awaited studio album Whole Lotta Red. If Playboi Carti didn't release the album, Mario Judah would do it for him, he said. 

He has been applying pressure on the Atlanta native for weeks, and despite the current plan for baby-voiced rapper to release his full-length project on Christmas Day, Mario Judah is still coming for him and warning him that it better actually be quality, because if it's not, he has no issue releasing his own version of the album.

"Carti: mY b3sT w0rk YET," wrote Mario Judah on Twitter, echoing Carti's latest tweet. "Judah: on satan it better be...cuz if u drop and it's completely ass just like @ meh...then I'm dropping the rest of WLR...f*ck a part 2...the whole album coming out...u better come with that heat buddy."

He followed up by replying directly to another tweet from Playboi Carti, who told his fans not to sleep. "N***a shut all that up...all that weird mysterious sh*t u be doin gettin old," wrote Judah, adding in parentheses, "(dis vampire ahh n***a be doin too much yo)".

Are you more excited for Playboi Carti's Whole Lotta Red, with features from Future, Kid Cudi, and more, or Mario Judah's Whole Lotta Red?

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