The Markelle Fultz situation in Philadelphia is difficult one to gauge, at least from our vantage point in the media. After months of speculation over Fultz' questionable injury status, a report has come to light highlighting a contusion on his wrist, over and above the existing shoulder ailment, we knew he was coping with.

And with that, rumors have begun to swirl regarding a potential Markelle Fultz transaction, the belief being: the former number one pick would prefer a fresh start on another team. But according to Fultz' agent Raymond Brothers, those rumors are completely unsubstantiated. 

"I have given no indication to Elton Brand (the 76ers' GM) or anyone else that Markelle would prefer to be traded," Brothers told ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski. "My focus is to get Markelle healthy. End of story."

Fultz' agent has looked outside of the team's readily-available resources to ensure his client is granted the best medical attention for his ailments. Fultz is scheduled to see specialists in New York next week over his ailing right shoulder. Until those requirements are met, Fultz will not partake in scrimmages, practices or game-time situations.  

Although he was present on the bench during his team's win over the Pelicans on Wednesday, as a DNP, Fultz' status with the team is no longer solely in the hands of management and team officials. Raymond Brothers will be overseeing every step of his client's "manifest destiny," barring any incidentals outside of their control.