After Kanye West successfully shut down MSG on Thursday, with the debuts of both his new album, The Life of Pablo, as well as his latest clothing line, Martin Shkreli hopped on Twitter to rain on the 'Ye parade. The pharmaceutical villain -- who's skyrocketed the prices of vital AIDS medicine -- and owner of the one and only copy of a $2 million Wu-Tang record, made headlines as he went on Twitter to make Kanye an offer of $10 million for exclusive ownership of The Life of Pablo. He's now upped his ante by another $5 million. 

Shkreli has sent another letter to Kanye, and he shared a copy of the new offer with HipHopDX.

The hedge-fund manager begins by asking Kanye to consider his offer and delay the release of The Life of Pablo "by a few weeks." He expresses his belief that the current course of action being taken by Kanye's team is "a mistake which must be remedied immediately." 

"I am increasing my offer to $15 million," continues Shkreli. "This figure is materially above any realistic album sales given to me by my third-party experts." 

Though his current offer stands at $15 million, Shkreli makes it clear that said number can be amended, should Kanye decide to meet with him: "This is not a binding offer, and a binding offer will only be made through a mutually agreed and negotiated definitive agreement." 

He ends the note by explaining that his objective is not to deny the world of Kanye's music, but, instead, to remind everybody just how valuable it is. "I request that you sell me this album not to deprive your fans of the music, but to remind the world that music is a precious and important part of our lives."