With the unexpected flop of X-Men's latest installment, Dark Phoenix, speculations have swirled with regards to the future of the franchise. The director behind the unsuccessful movie has since taken the blame for the movie's poor performance at the box office. Though in apologizing, it was also revealed that Dark Phoenix was not the sole idea on the table when it came to movies focusing on specific X-Men characters. According to Complex, a script was pitched to Marvel which focused on Nicholas Hoult's metamorphosis character, Beast.  Composer and editor of the X-Men series John Ottoman revealed that a script for a Beast solo movie was on the table. Accordingly, the movie would have been called X-Men: Fear The Beast.

Moreover, the film would have explored the early beginnings of X-Men member Hank McCoy as the blue monster struggled to control his own mutation. It would also dive into the character's travel to an Inuit village for the purpose of saving an old friend of his. What's most interesting about this script is that Ottoman did not choose to alternate between past and present or undergo a huge time jump with this film as usually done in most X-Men movies. The film would have had a lot of horror elements.

Would you have been here for X-Men: Fear The Beast?