Ever since its initial announcement, many gamers have been cautiously optimistic about the upcoming release of Marvel's Avengers. After all, this is an era where Rocksteady's Batman games and Sony's Marvel's Spider-Man have spoiled comic book fans with premium titles. Now, this new game, developed by Eidos Montreal and Square Enix, has unveiled further details about its upcoming plotline, indicating the scope of the threat that's to come. 

In the brand new story trailer, fans are given a first look at the heroic Ms. Marvel and the villainous Modok, both of whom appear to play a major role in the narrative to come. It also provides a look at the Avengers' inner dynamic, which finds Tony Stark and Bruce Banner at philosophical odds over whether Earth's Mightiest Heroes are detrimental to humanity; Naturally, it doesn't take long before this disagreement escalates into fisticuffs, standard practice whenever The Incredible Hulk is around. 

In the climactic moments, Modok can be heard monologuing about his endgame, which is to say, the obliteration of all "superpowers" from the Earth. Essentially, the same plan once attempted by Syndrome in The Incredibles, but who's to say it won't play out differently in this stage of the multiverse? 

Should you be interested in seeing some of the game in action, below the trailer is a seven-minute preview of Thor's gameplay, as captured on a pre-release game build. Check it out for yourself, and sound off -- will you be looking to cop this one on PS4 and Xbox One when it arrives on September 4th, 2020?