According to Screen Rant, Marvel's upcoming Black Panther adaptation is looking to become a blockbuster hit alongside some of the studio's other recent solo outings. 

Anticipation for the film has been mounting, as its interesting premise and all-star cast have elevated the film from minor curiosity into the Hollywood blockbuster realm. Box Office Pro is forecasting a $90 million opening weekend based on early projections, aligning it with the $85 million opening of 2016's Dr. Strange. Within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a debut of that proportion is usually an indicator of a potential franchise, which was the case for both Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy

Just last month, Thor: Ragnarok debuted at the top of the weekend box-office chart with $122 million, blowing past its expectations of a $90 million haul. Similarly, Deadpool's massive opening in February of 2016 shows that super-hero fare can turn out massive audiences regardless of its release-date. 

As Hollywood finds a need to diversify its offering for modern movie-goers, Black Panther is an obvious choice. The film, led by relative newcomer Chadwick Boseman, and directed by Ryan Coogler, is Marvel's first film to feature a non-white lead actor and director. Likewise, the film will also be released on February 16, 2018, which is right in the middle of Black History Month. 

While the film's performance is ultimately based on reactions and critical consensus, the early hype surrounding Black Panther may guarantee another victory for the seemingly untouchable Marvel juggernaut.