Just hours after hitting us with his “Rap Rushmore” song with DJ Khaled and Diddy, Murda Mase made his way Angie Martinez Show on Power 105 for an hour and a half long interview where he spoke on a plethora of things going on his life right now, including his on-going beef with Cam’ron, why he dropped the diss track, Cam’s attempt to hurt his sentiments and family, and much more.

Mase, who looked like he was ready to rob a bank, reiterated the same comments he made on the phone with Ebro last week when he said he needed to stick up for himself and stop the constant bullying.

“The spirit of the song is whatever happened when we were 19, grow up. Anybody should understand that. Whatever we went through at 19, 20 or even 21, grow up.” Mase said before adding that he only participated in the beef because he had to. “You knew eventually I was going to come out the house. you knew that. So why keep going there? thats what he wanted. He got what he wanted” Mase added.

Then when Angie asked Mase how the two could end the beef, Murda replied with “I told you how it ends. If it doesn't stop it’s gon’ end bad for him.”

“Really I aint have nothing else to say. I said what I needed to say. He went on the radio and said what he needed to say. I go on the radio and say what I have to say. It could stop there or it don’t have to.”

If you have the time, check out the full hour and a half interview (below) or just catch the Mase x Cam’ron beef talk right away at the 3:00 minute mark. Who's side are you on... Mase or Cam’ron?