Fans got into a brawl during Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals, during which the Phoenix Suns clinched an NBA Finals appearance with a 130-103 blowout win over the Los Angeles Clippers. A viral video from the stands shows a group of spectators getting into a violent scrap.

Security could be seen escorting several fans out of the arena afterward.

Clippers writer Farbod Esnaashari says that the fan who sent him the video claims a Suns or Lakers fan started the fight. 

"The guy who sent me this video said it was a Suns/Lakers fan but honestly pretty hard to tell when it's a random dude in a black shirt," he explained.

Suns, Clippers, Fight
Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

The fan brawl wasn't the only physical altercation during Game 6. Clippers guard Patrick Beverley shoved Chris Paul, resulting in an ejection

Suns' Jae Crowder was asked about Beverley after the game and said that was the moment they knew that they "broke" the Clippers.

"We know they were broke. We know we broke them," Crowder told reporters Wednesday. "There's no better sign of defeat than during that moment. ... Once we knew we got the game won, we knew at some point they would break. I think that's basically what you saw. You saw a breaking point with one of their leaders in that locker room. And that's a great feeling to have, especially in the playoffs, such a great feeling."