The death of XXXTentacion, a famously polarized individual, has sparked a lot of conversation. Master P is joining in to give us the business about the "phony" heads in the industry. The rapper aims the criticism towards the "top industry people" who claimed to have been inspired by X. He is calling out powerful players who attempted to give the deceased his flowers after his passing. In his opinion, virtually ignoring someone's existence when they are alive only to turn around and declare how the young person influenced them after death is a fake move. "Why didn't y'all do records with him? Why didn't y'all tell him while he was alive? That's what I mean by phony."  

In the eyes of some fans, one of Kanye's tweets marks him as a prime example of the issue:

Master P is set on helping the rest of the younger generation thrive in the industry. In light of the tragedy, the old-school rapper announces that he will start an initiative called "Let Hip Hop Live" whose goal will be to show the youth how to survive the game. P says they already know how to get money, so he wants to get together "with some of them old Gs to show these youngsters" how to live. This message is delivered by an OG. What do y'all think?