Matt Barnes has never been shy about his marijuana use throughout the years. Barnes is a huge advocate for the drug and even has a podcast called "All The Smoke" with Stephen Jackson, which is heavily centered around the recreations drug. Needless to say, Barnes is always looking for a smoke partner, and as he recently explained in a new interview, Steph Curry was one of his more high-profile targets.

As the story goes, Barnes won the NBA title with Curry back in 2017. Following the series, Barnes asked Curry if the superstar would smoke with him. Curry presumably shook his head in a positive manner, which let Barnes know it was going to happen. Unfortunately, Curry never actually made good on his promise and now Barnes claims Curry owes him a smoke session.

While Curry has been spotted smoking cigars from time to time, he has never been much of a drugs and alcohol guy, or at least not when it comes to the public. With this in mind, perhaps his original shaking of the head was simply a negative answer, and not the positive one Barnes originally thought.

Due to the Coronavirus, these two probably won't be linking up anytime soon although perhaps when all is said and done, Curry will have a change of heart.