When Paul Pierce was rolled off in a wheelchair during Game 1 of the NBA Finals back in 2008, fans were concerned that he had been badly injured. Pierce eventually came back to the game and dropped 22 points to propel his team to a 98-88 victory. The scene is one of the most iconic moment on NBA Finals history and last night, Pierce revealed that he wasn't actually injured. In fact, Pierce had a bit of an accident in his pants and needed to get to a bathroom but ultimately wanted to hide the reason.

TMZ Sports caught up with former NBA player Matt Barnes and asked him about what he thought of the admission. Barnes was clearly amused but respected Pierce for being man enough to own up to something so embarrassing. 

"I never knew why he went out like he got shot and he came back like Superman, I was just like damn," Barnes said. "But, he sh*tted. That's crazy. It takes a hell of a man to admit that sh*t, though, man. That's funny as a mother f*cker."

Barnes went on to explain what he would do in the situation and it's pretty hilarious.

"I would have slid on my ass all the way back to the locker room," Barnes joked. "Hopefully, I didn't make a streak on the court."