Retired NBA player Matt Barnes is yet another person who is publicly sharing their advice for the questionable Kanye West. As we all now know, Kanye paid a visit to the TMZ offices yesterday and said:  "When you hear about slavery for 400 years. For 400 years?! That sounds like a choice." Numerous people have spoken out on the controversial comment such as The Game, GLC, French Montana, Meek Mill and more. 

When TMZ caught up with Matt last night, his main focus was Ye's family and the kids. "I think he's in an uncomfortable place from a standpoint as a man and lipo and opioids and all this other shit and Trump shit," he says in the video below. "I just think right now he needs to sit back and chill out and worry about his family, focus on his family."

He further explains how all the media outlets who are trying to interview him and get a piece of him don't care and are full of it. "I care about kids, at the end of the day you're putting family in a credible - in a tough situation. That's where my heart is at."

Watch the full video below as he also talks about the gang threats and how Ye is treading on "thin ice." What do you guys think?