For anybody who has ever turned on the television between the hours of eleven AM and two PM, Maury Povich is a familiar face. Known for his scandal-filled show that basically turned paternity tests into a game show, Maury has been entertaining audiences for over eighteen seasons. And while Maury is not exactly hip-hop in the traditional sense, his name has been referenced by rappers for years; the Based God Lil B even has a song titled "Flexin' Maury Povich." Today, the talk show host swung by The Breakfast Club for a conversation with Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy, covering a wide range of topics, including some of his show's more memorable guests.

When Angela Yee brings up the notorious white woman who identified as African American, Maury responds with incredulity. "Can you imagine that?" he says. "I thought she was nuts. I told her, you know, color is not skin deep. It's deeper than that. Woman's trying to be African American! She's from Germany! She's a white German woman!" He goes on to tease another wild guest, set to appear on the Maury Youtube channel tomorrow: "I got this guy...we call him the Sperminator. He has given his sperm to twenty-four different women, and he's got twenty nine babies out there. And he's in all their lives!" 

Maury, goes on to discuss his long-running series, how he manages to avoid being overtly judgmental, and the noble way he deals with accusations of exploitation. He also talks about how his son managed to avoid living off the Povich privilege, and gives his two cents on the Harvey Weinstein debacle. If you've ever found yourself watching a "You're Not The Father" Youtube compilation, or even caught a Maury marathon or two on your last sick day, you should definitely check out this interview below.